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NewsUSA turns your message into a news story that can be published in newspapers and websites. Our guaranteed number of placements is 2,000—and our guaranteed minimum total reach is 100 million.

Traditional Print "Mattes"

We deliver a mat release (also called a matte release) through social media channels that will gain new audiences made of all-important brand influencers who will share your information.

Social Media Syndication

This effective online option is great for how-tos and product promotion.

Embedded Videos

Infographic combines words and graphics in a way that breaks down and explains complex information into a format that readers can ingest and remember quickly. PSA Graphics

Infographics & PSA Graphics

Our radio spots are like PSAs—but for your ears. They’re useful, catchy, and audiences will remember them.

Radio Spots

We work with many organizations who want to reach the United State’s considerable Spanish-speaking population using traditional print mats for maximum reach.

Hispanic Releases

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