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Hispanic Matte Releases

Why do you think so many companies – including Toyota, Procter & Gamble, General Mills and General Motors — spend as much as hundreds of millions of dollars each per year to reach the Hispanic market?


Not only is America’s Hispanic population second only to that of Mexico, but – as this nation’s largest ethnic or racial minority – they control $1.2 trillion-and-counting in annual buying power.

NewsUSA does Spanish-language traditional print stories to help you connect to both Spanish-only speaking Hispanics and those simply more comfortable reading information in their first language.

Normally, the way it works is that we’ll write the article in English first, and then – once it’s approved – do the Spanish translation.

(Most clients go into it wanting to do English and Spanish versions of the same story anyway.)

Typical placements, print and/or online, include the likes of La Prensa Hispaña, Yahoo! En Español, Hoy, LHDLatino, La Voz, Hispaña Global, El Cubano-Americano, El Dominico Americano, El Sol, Siempre Mujer and Hola Doctor.

Guaranteed Minimum Number of Placements: 2,300 placements on Spanish Sections of English news sites plus 120 placements on Spanish news sites.

The NewsUSA Guarantee: If you don’t get the placements within two months, we’ll give you a free make-good – no questions asked.

Guaranteed Minimum Number of Placements.

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