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5 Reasons to let NewsUSA get you more media placements

Media Placements

  1. Great Ideas
    Free consult with editorial team for ideas for a series of stories
  2. Top Scribes
    20+ writers, professional journalists writing to AP Style
  3. Guaranteed Story Placements
    Massive reach across all 50 States, between our network of 1,000+ news sites and the AP Wire into 1,400 daily newspaper newsrooms, we deliver placements on news sites and in newspapers nationwide
    We guarantee 1,000 placements minimum for every story
  4. Impressive Reports- 100% Proof of Results
    Excel reports include screen image captures of every news site and newspaper placement with 3rd party reach and value metrics
  5. 100% Satisfaction
    100% satisfaction or another story free
    100% certainty you will have media placements to show

Plan out a series of monthly story topics to build on each other or test us with as few as 3 or 6 stories for a nationwide media blitz

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