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5 Ways to get more story pick ups in Top 100

5 Ways to get more story pick ups in Top 100 dailies print and online versions

By Rick Smith, APR, Founder & CEO, NewsUSA

  1. Catchy Headline
  2. Captivating photo
  3. Information or tips that address a problem the reader has
  4. Make and maintain personal relationships and daily contact with feature and special section editors by name who grow to trust you and your content. You can buy access to the contacts, but be prepared to call and email daily to even get them to look at your finished story and see multiple stories from you before they may use one.

    Constant personal contact with the hundreds of hard to identify news site editors, website masters and bloggers where they grow to rely on your content for their news site. Remember to have a clean RSS XML feed ready from where they can pull your stories or you could end up emailing one pitch at a time per outlet.

  5. Follow up each editor for tear sheets and proof of usage as clipping services often fail to receive or clip many special or feature sections. Website proof of placement can be even trickier as Google searches on your brand can bring up hundreds of thousands of entries. Tracking pixels and cookies are often removed unless the placement was paid, leaving content match tracking that works on the plagiarism model as the best way to get proof of organic earned placements. One suggestion is to offer some reward to editors to motivate them to scan and email you proof of usage tear sheets and to web masters to let you know where to point your spiders for screen capture.