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Case Studies

NewsUSA Case Studies: Effective Reach and Placement Lead to Increased Awareness and Positive Public Opinion

National Association of Enrolled Agents Case Study

Star Clipper Cruises Case Study

Security Equip Case Study

Case Studies text #1

We partnered with CPR Strategic Marketing Communications (for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress)

The goal for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) was for people to understand that chiropractic care is a safe, accepted, and less-expensive alternative to standard medical treatment.


NewsUSA’s Solution
F4CP required broad media coverage in newspapers and websites nationwide. We produced:

  • 10 print news articles
  • 10 social syndication stories
  • 6 radio spots
  • 10 videos

The first news articles introduced chiropractic care as a first step to relieving back and health issues. The follow-up articles concentrated on how chiropractors treat health issues, like childhood obesity. We also came up with a great story idea about how chiropractic care is effective for cheerleaders—which had just been named the most dangerous sport. It was placed and became very popular.

The Reach and Results for This Campaign
Our print stories had 11,561 hits for both print and online sources. F4CP’s marketing firm, CPR Strategic Marketing Communications, was able to see the results in a real-time format—and could even be downloaded into Excel. We’re held accountable to our guarantees, and the client can always see the results. The total reach was 478,639,281, and the total ad equivalency value was $1,293,135. Additional views—in the hundreds of millions—were delivered through radio, video, and social syndication. These stories were placed in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, The L.A. Daily News, The Boston Globe, the Cincinnati Enquirer, and many more.

Case Studies text #2

GAF, North America’s Largest Roofing Manufacturer

Every year, GAF makes an astounding $3 billion in sales. The company manufacturers roofing for commercial and residential property owners. Although they’re North America’s largest roofing company, they wanted to position themselves in both the growing “green” production market and as a purely American company.


NewsUSA’s Solution
To reinforce GAF’s goal as being viewed as the most reliable roofing company in the United States, we wrote and distributed:

  • 6 print news articles
  • 6 Social Syndication stories
  • 3 radio spots

Some of the spots were time-sensitive and were related to the seasons, or destructive weather such as hurricanes. Others talked about supporting the U.S. troops to boost the corporate brand.

The Reach and Results for This Campaign
Our print stories had 5,101 hits for both print and online sources. Since NewsUSA considers all of our clients to be partners, we also supplied real-time results for GAF’s executive and marketing staff so that they could see the impact of each story in each media outlet.

The total reach was 392,478,783 and the total ad equivalency value was $2,228,815. Tens of millions of additional views were delivered through radio and social syndication. These stories were placed in The Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Denver Post, and many more all over the United States.

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