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Creating Relatable Content for Baby Boomers and Beyond

The baby boomer generation is a very large and powerful segment of the United States’ population. With 70 million people spread out over a 20-year span, they are truly an economic force and are responsible for nearly 50 percent of consumer spending in our country. It seems reasonable, then, that many businesses would be vying for Boomers’ attention and their considerable financial resources.

Stories That Interest the Boomer Generation

Media Placement

Attracting and then holding this generation’s attention isn’t that easy, however. That’s because every day, there are dozens of stories in print, on TV and radio, and online that relate directly or indirectly to the Boomer generation. To make your content truly memorable and easy to place in targeted areas, follow these simple tips:

  • Share Stories That Interest Boomers. Retirement, health, investments, leisure, housing, and meaningful work all are important to Boomers. Unsurprisingly, those are also the areas where Boomers spend the most money.
  • Use Experts to Spread Your Message. The Boomer generation is educated and has a great deal of experience in many areas. They don’t want to be patronized. It’s important to find experts—whether they are doctors, housing experts, travel agents, or retirement advisors—who are well versed in what Boomers want to read.
  • Don’t Market to This Group. Boomers were the first generation extensively studied by marketing firms to determine how to best sell products and services to them. Since this group has endured product pitches for the past 50 or so years, they are indifferent to the typical “sell.” Instead, they want to read or hear stories that are specifically targeted to their interests and concerns.
  • Offer News Items for Boomer Children. Most of Generation X (those born between around 1962 and 1982) have at least one Boomer parent, and they are greatly invested in their parents’ health, as well as their retirement, leisure, and housing opportunities. Stories that show trends in these matters will also be read, shared and discussed by Gen X.
  • Create Age-Related Niche Material. Yes, the Boomer generation carries many of the same expectations, but since this generation spans about 20 years, the younger Boomers will have different interests and needs than older Boomers. For instance, younger Boomers may want to learn about ways to invest wisely so that they can finance their children’s college education. Boomers on the older end of that span will likely want to hear about how to sign up for Social Security benefits online.

The Boomer Generation requires well-produced content that is targeted to their needs, their wants and their age. The media placement for these stories should be carefully developed, produced, and tracked. Use an experienced media-placement firm like NewsUSA to ensure that you reach—and exceed—the level of placement that you require.