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How to Make the Consumer Feel Important

Making You Feel Important

Making consumers a true component of your marketing and PR strategy is an important part of customer relationship building. It increases loyalty for your company, brand, product, or service. In fact, customer loyalty is often cited as the most sought-after attribute for any business, whether they’re big or small, high-tech or no-tech. NewsUSA has decades of experience attracting consumers for our clientele, and we’ve pinpointed just what your customers are looking for when they consider your product, service, or message.

Sure-Fire Ways to Win Your Customer’s Loyalty

Make sure that your content helps your audience or solves a problem

Let’s say you’re known in some circles for certain products, but you’re working on delivering a new product that is unlike your others. You’re excited because the product has been designed based off of your current customers’ needs, and you know you’re filling a void. Now, you need a news story that explains this new product to the masses. You won’t hit the right audience with just a press release. A matte release, however, is fashioned as a news story that’s placed in newspapers or other media. Newspaper editors love them because mattes (also called mats) fill up available space, and since the story is written to your specifications, the product message is reaching your target audience. NewsUSA can write a news story about your product or business that’s SEO super-charged and will give you a guaranteed minimum total reach of 30 million.

Customer Loyalty

Get consumers’ feedback and connect on a personal level

Maybe you have an active, engaged Facebook fan base, but you’re looking for more than just their attention. This is where social media really shines. For example, when re-branding a service, you can introduce it to influential bloggers and those who have social media networks you’d like to connect with. Having a way to reach enough people to make an impact on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Instagram is going to be critical, and in some cases, may make or break the success of your re-branding. Consider using a social media syndication service that will target social media sites so that your message is propelled directly to the audience you want to approach. With NewsUSA’s service, you’ll reach a minimum of 30 million—guaranteed.

Make your information easy to view and understand

Maybe you have a great story that will showcase a certain issue for your organization. If you’re introducing a complex issue that is too difficult to understand using only text, then an infographic is the right choice for your campaign. Using graphics, images, and text, you’ll be able to explain your story in a clear, concise way that will get people invested in your cause and turn them from passive readers to passionate, loyal participants.