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How to Plan Ahead for Holiday Media Placement

Holiday Media Placement

Yes, it’s early—but as some people will happily tell you, Christmas is less than 150 days away. That also means that Black Friday is only about around 120 days out. If your business thrives during the holiday shopping season, you should prepare your media and PR materials very early.

Holiday Media

Many media outlets, including newspaper, TV, magazines, and online stores, have very long lead times for the holiday shopping season and are preparing their holiday gift guides and shopping stories right now. The summer is the perfect time to brainstorm for ideas and prepare materials—plus, you’ll be beating out your competition while drumming up interest for your product.

Preparing Your Holiday Shopping Materials
While you’re sweltering in the heat and humidity of summer, you should focus on snowflakes, Santa, and ho-ho-holiday shopping. Here are some ideas for the November and December retail season that you can be planning now:

  • Shop-Near-Home Local Guide: This is a great media choice for companies, stores, and communities that are trying to attract a local crowd. This advice also applies to franchisees who would like potential customers to remember that they supply a holiday service, such as a shipping company that partners with the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Top 10 Hot Toys. Most toy retailers have already attended expos this year to look for the newest, most “sellable” items for kids. If you’re in this business, you’ve already reached out to merchants, but you should have items ready to fill Top Ten lists now, and determine where they will make the most impact. This idea can also be used for different shopping categories (men, women, teachers, animal lovers, travel gurus, etc.). Pitching your list to lifestyle and technology journalists early on will allow them to work on their lists earlier, too.
  • Viral Videos. The fun, product-focused videos that you see posted online and shared across different social media platforms aren’t produced in three minutes, even if some of them are designed to look that way. They are conceived, set up on storyboards, written, re-written, and then recorded and edited by a marketing firm or video department just as a TV commercial would be. Videos that can be shared online will benefit from a prepared campaign that begins in the summer.
  • Discounts and Sales. Shoppers monitor steep holiday discounts in October, when the first Black Friday deals are announced or leaked to the press. If you sell products or services that you plan to put on sale, you should determine what’s going to be discounted, how much it will sell for, and determine if you’ll discount these items further for Black Friday. Once you know what your pricing strategy is, you can move ahead with media placement.

Although these ideas focus on the winter shopping season, they’ll also work for other big “event times” of the year. You should plan back-to-school items in March and summer vacation stories in December to be prepared for the seasons that generate your highest sales.

Many companies look for a media placement partner to ensure that their print stories, embedded videos, infographics, social media syndication, and radio spots reach a large audience during the holiday season. NewsUSA creates and distributes your content for guaranteed reach. Call us today to learn more about what our firm can do for you and your business.