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How to Transform Social Media Love into PR Results

Turning Social Media into PR Results?

Leveraging social media to obtain positive PR results is an effective way for public relations specialists to create interest for media stories and connect with potential and current customers. Properly managed, social media can be used to generate public relations opportunities because it is:

Social Media into PR

  • Fast-paced and Interactive. Social media quickly communicates to hundreds, thousands, even millions of possible consumers. It takes advantage of connections that are already in place to spread news quickly through comments and conversations. Traditional PR methods usually take days, weeks, or months to gain traction through press releases, investor calls, and news stories. Now, social media can break a news story in just an hour.
  • Designed to Reach a Large Audience. You can grab an audience on social media just by posting to friends or business page fans. The best way to reach them, though, is to have users share a review, post a blog link, or comment on a video. The more touch points that consumers use, the more likely a product or service will be shared. Once it appears on a social media user’s radar, the more likely they’ll try or buy your product, service, or idea.

Tangible Results Can Be Obtained from Social Media Guidance

If consumers love your company, your product, your prices, or your customer service—anything that makes you stand out—then it’s time to generate better ROI through a social media campaign.

  • Create a list of brand influencers and connect with them. Influencers are the people who have large audiences that you’d like to communicate to. They can include journalists who work a particular beat, bloggers, leaders, coaches—anyone who is interested in what you’re offering. They want to gather information, not only for their own purpose, but to disseminate it to their followers. They’re hungry to feed the beast, so your job is to provide them with want they want.
  • Use your social media channels every day. Set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, plus, depending on your business, consider YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Set up monthly and weekly social media planning documents that include the news you are sharing, the content, the images, the how-to videos, the reviews and testimonials, plus any other important pieces that will deliver your message.
  • Write blogs and content that will generate interest. Besides helping to improve your SEO results, great content gives people advice, makes their life easier, provides them information they can use at work or at home, or just makes them smile. Once your content is posted, you can now let everyone know through social media. Send email messages to your loyal fans or industry leaders to check out your newest entry. They’ll review it and then pass it along to their fans, maybe blog about it themselves, and share the news on their LinkedIn page, Facebook business or personal page, or Twitter Feed. If it’s relevant to both audiences and journalists, you’ll be able to attract more interest.
  • Track your results to gauge ROI. You have thousands of fans and followers, but how do you know that your social media campaigns are truly effective? Public relations isn’t just about the amount of revenue generated and your sales conversions—it’s about brand loyalty, and loyalty can’t be measured with traditional tools (although reach and engagement can be measured). There are many tools that allow you to track your social media results and conversions, including Google Analytics, Viralheat, Spredfast, and Sprout Social.

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