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Leveraging Media Placement

Media Placement Services

Through online content and media placement, NewsUSA has been successful in creating and placing new product stories for our clients since 1987.

Media Placement

Clients see NewsUSA as their one-stop resource for creating and distributing quality content that gets their message out to a mass audience. Content that can help establish brand awareness and marketing support.

Ways to Leverage Media Placement

Once you receive placement, your message should not stop there. Make the most of your media coverage by taking the following steps:

  1. Turn on your Social Media. Timeliness is key! Share the media placement with your social media networks and incorporate press into your social sharing as soon as possible. Share links through your company’s networks and encourage employees to include on their personal accounts.
  2. Keep the Message Going. Continue to reference your placement with clients, partners and followers by sharing links and blog posts that highlight various aspects of key messages in your article. Having others share your message keeps your name out there with minimal effort on your part.
  3. Update your Website. Highlight your media coverage on your home page and under the “newsroom” section of your site. Include the media outlets’ logos on your homepage and embed the article link.
  4. Create Digital Press Kits and Sales Kits. Create an online kit under your Website’s news room that features all of your media placements. This is a great way to tout your successes and educate others about your company 24/7. Print hard copies for your sales staff to use as leave-behinds when meeting with new and existing customers.
  5. Actively Tout Your Success. Share your great news via newsletters and emails to current and potential customers, as well as vendors and partners. By sharing the placement, it allows an outside party to share how great you are.
  6. Create an Office Showcase. Print, frame and post your best coverage on your office walls. Or create a portfolio book to put on display in your waiting room or lobby.

In an ever expanding media world, make the most of your successes! Use NewsUSA to cut through the clutter with stories of accomplishment and media placements through outlets you never imagined. NewsUSA services all major cities throughout the United States. Call 1-800-355-9500 and a NewsUSA representative can help you figure out what’s right for you!