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Meeting the Challenge of Reaching Digital Audiences

Technology, most people would agree, is a wonderful thing. It provides us with more choices, from electronics to shopping to learning. With digital technology, we’ve been able to open up worlds of new information for casual users, consumers, and other audiences. While a substantial amount of technology is easy enough for anyone to download, read, or use, it also means that reaching your target audience can be more difficult. Nearly every company can reach an audience of thousands for little cost, and most employ at least a few tools to do so.

For many business owners, the answer is to branch out and reach a much larger audience of millions. Without a public relations firm or a dedicated promotions department, how do you accomplish that?

Extend Your Reach to Gain a Larger Digital Audience

You can use one of more of these services to ensure that your story has as wide a coverage area as possible.

  • Matte Release. Matte releases are stories that are written in the same style as a newspaper article and have exactly the information that you want included. They can be placed nationally and regionally in digital newspapers and sent to news websites of radio and TV stations. Your digital demographics can easily be met using a matte release. You can also add a video or infographic to further engage your audience. This information should be able to be tracked and reported so that you can see key metrics.
  • Embedded Video. Truly tap into the power of the digital world with embedded videos. As an add-on to a print matte, this option allows you to show your audience exactly what your product, service, or idea is about. Maybe you already have a robust YouTube channel that has great how-to videos, product overviews, or user reviews. How can people see it? Attach it to a print matte and then watch as proper placement brings viewers right to your door.
  • Social Media Syndication. These articles are targeted to social media sites. While social media is huge—everyone’s seen viral posts—you want to be sure to reach the people who have large audiences and would be interested in sharing your story with their readers and contributions. Brand influencers include bloggers, online newspaper columnists, and others who are “in the know” about your particular product or service. You should look for a company that will syndicate your stories to sites like Twitter, Reddit, BuzzFeed, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Use the power of these services to reach an ever-growing digital audience. NewsUSA offers you a guaranteed minimum number of matte release placements (and video) with a reach of more than 40 million, plus a reach of 30 million for social media placements. Additionally, Search Engine Optimization is included, as is comprehensive reporting.

Call NewsUSA today and discover how to extend the reach of your brand.