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How to Achieve the Press Coverage You Deserve

Press Coverage

You’d love to take your press coverage to the next level, to get more than just a mention or blurb in your local or regional media outlet. But with so many outlets available, how do you amp up your coverage so that it reaches your intended market?

  • First, you’ll need to create and build relationships with reporters and bloggers that you believe would be interested in covering your story. This can be done by creating a comprehensive list and setting aside 30-45 minutes each day to contact the brand influencers in your business. A word of advice: don’t try to increase your presence through cold calls and stilted PR pitches promising a must-have story. That’s the best way to turn off the very people you want to embrace you and your business.
  • Use social media every day. If you can, don’t limit your social media activity to five days a week. Instead, seven days is optimal, since everyone can view information at any time on their tablets or smart phones. Promotion is a 24/7 business, and the biggest payoffs come from a constant, strategic presence.
  • Brainstorm to find new media avenues. If your product is local, search for local venues and online sites that would want to talk and write about what you have to offer. Ask people to write reviews and post them online where others can share and comment on them. If you run or work for a small business, remember that local newspapers often have a “hometown news” section. Find the reporter who covers local events and tell them your story.

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How Infographics Draw Target Audiences to Your Product

Infographics and Your Products

Online infographics are often paired with news stories to deliver information to an audience using visual cues, data, and text for a simple reason—it’s easier to remember what you’ve seen than what you’ve read. The blending of words, data, and images or graphics into an infographic is easy to read, digest, and understand. Better still, you can target your infographic’s audience through online distribution channels, including social media.

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Taking the NewsUSA Placement Challenge

Placement Challenge

If you’re investing your resources in media campaigns, you may be considering a press release to tout your latest news. But think again — you’re not guaranteed any type of coverage by sending a press release out on the wire. NewsUSA has a much better, guaranteed way to get your news in front of targeted readers.

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NewsUSA Mat Releases vs. Press Releases

You have a big story that needs to be told, and you’re going to use a press release to do it. After all, a press release is simple, contains just what you want to say, and is a low-cost way of grabbing an audience. But . . . what if it’s never read, because it wasn’t run in any newspaper, or followed up by any media outlet? It’s time to put the press release back in a bin and start using a consumer-friendly tool: NewsUSA’s guaranteed news story media placements.

A NewsUSA Story Is a Better Bet for Your Organization than a Press Release Wire Service

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How Infographics Help Deliver a News Story

Using Infographics in Your News Story

Journalists, advertisers, and public relations professionals all have experienced the same problem when trying to advocate, inform, or promote: information that’s too complex to only put into words. Infographics are often the answer. They use design, graphics, and data to explain the salient points of a story, presentation, or news. Infographics include bar and pie charts, timelines, size or number comparisons, time series data, maps, and many more. An infographic that is cleverly designed and that is relevant to your story’s data will increase your audience’s curiosity and draw their attention.

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Creating Relatable Content for Baby Boomers and Beyond

The baby boomer generation is a very large and powerful segment of the United States’ population. With 70 million people spread out over a 20-year span, they are truly an economic force and are responsible for nearly 50 percent of consumer spending in our country. It seems reasonable, then, that many businesses would be vying for Boomers’ attention and their considerable financial resources.

Stories That Interest the Boomer Generation

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NewsUSA Sets Distribution Agreement With AP Wire

FALLS CHURCH, VA. (October 10, 2011) — NewsUSA announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement with The Associated Press beginning Oct. 12, 2011.

AP’s content distribution service transmits copy from various third-party information sources directly into the editorial production system of its member newspapers. Included in the new distribution agreement are more than 1,300 AP newspaper outlets in the U.S. This gives NewsUSA a unique distribution channel in addition to its already extensive network of outreach to newspaper editors and webmasters.

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