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NewsUSA Mat Releases vs. Press Releases

You have a big story that needs to be told, and you’re going to use a press release to do it. After all, a press release is simple, contains just what you want to say, and is a low-cost way of grabbing an audience. But . . . what if it’s never read, because it wasn’t run in any newspaper, or followed up by any media outlet? It’s time to put the press release back in a bin and start using a consumer-friendly tool: NewsUSA’s guaranteed news story media placements.

A NewsUSA Story Is a Better Bet for Your Organization than a Press Release Wire Service


A press release will never appear in a daily newspaper “as is.” Instead, a reporter or assignment editor must first see the release and decide to write a story about it. Also, wire services receive many thousands of releases every day, and new press releases continuously push out the “old” releases—even if the old releases crossed the wire just two minutes ago. Because of that, there’s a good chance your press release will never be seen. A mat release, on the other hand, is always run as is and is an easy way for editors to fill story space.


A press release says just want you want it to say. The problem? No editor, regardless of the media outlet, will run it that way. Instead, if a reporter happens to see it or gets assigned your story, they’ll use your release for background information—and maybe they’ll ask you for a quote—but you really have no control over how the story will turn out. NewsUSA has heard a lot of horror stories about press releases that were sent to the wire and then were written into stories in a national newspaper’s print edition or website with a completely different message. Our feature stories, on the other hand, give you complete control over your message. They’re written to deliver a story with a long shelf life and also include search engine-friendly keywords that will drive potential customers right to your site. NewsUSA’s experienced journalists work with clients to talk about ideas that can be fashioned into interesting stories that people will read. Many of our clients like this process so much that they use our feature stories to develop other marketing promotions and media messages. We deliver quality materials that can be multi-purposed.


Feature stories are always viewed as a more credible form of communication than a press release. That’s because press releases are self-serving, since they come straight from the source (company or organization). Features stories, on the other hand, appear in daily newspapers and are placed in prime sections in the paper or on a news website. They are well-written, engage millions of readers, and move them to action.


When you hire a company to distribute a press release, they’re likely to inflate their placement rate by using foreign sites that have little to no viewership (they may only get 100-200 placements) and it’s difficult to prove that a news story was written based off of the release. So—not only do releases run outside the country and possibly distributed to foreign sites, there is absolutely no guarantee that the stories were even seen, let alone read. As Google continues to revise its search algorithm, more and more press releases are being ranked much lower than they were before. Even more telling, Google staff members have said that press releases are recognized by Google the same way that advertisements are, and that links within releases are being less tolerated by this mammoth search engine.

Instead, use NewsUSA’s mat releases to gain more than 1,000 guaranteed media placements—our average placement rate is between 1,300-1,400—and guaranteed search numbers of more than 40 million. These feature stories will be placed in print newspapers and online news sites in every state in the country. We can also include photos or embed videos to generate interest in your story, and your stories will be ranked highly by Google and other search engines.

Our work comes guaranteed. If you don’t receive at least 1,000 placements, then we’ll craft another feature story—for free. Remember, there’s no do-over with a press release.


Press releases are less expensive, yes. However, they don’t come with any type of placement guarantee, may never be used in a news story, and don’t come with a 100% no-risk satisfaction guarantee. And why would they? No PR group would be able to guarantee wide-spread coverage for your release. Instead, an interesting feature story, written by top journalists, with guaranteed story placements and online searches that will be read by audiences across the country is a much better use of your media budget.

When it comes to deciding between professional mat releases and press releases, there’s no contest. Call NewsUSA today to find out how you can get feature stories placed in newspapers across the county. We make sure that your message is exactly what you want it to be—and that it’s seen by your target audience.