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You’re a start-up and need favorable press to heighten your visibility, but cash is tight while you prepare, say, to go public.

NewsUSA was once a start-up, too – almost 30 years ago – so we offer a special program for companies like yours. One that gets you a guaranteed minimum of 1,000 placements nationwide on every news article just like with our regular service – we’re talking everything from the likes of the Boston Globe to – only in this case we forego a huge chunk of our normal fee in exchange for equity.

Yes, it’s a bit of a gamble on our part.

But having worked with clients that include Facebook, Nasdaq, Microsoft and Apple, we’re open to taking a shot with qualifying companies.

How NewsUSA Works:

Take a look at this story we recently did for Fidelity Investments, which was eager to gain a larger share of the rollover IRA market.

We know, you’re nowhere near the size of Fidelity – yet.

But the process is the same.

We wrote the article. . .

We distributed it once they’d approved the copy. . .

And, finally, we supplied them with detailed results that are accessible online, 24/7, complete with metrics, newspaper clips, screen grabs, and downloadable Excel/PDF reports.

Getting Started:

If this special program interests you, simply e-mail your stock symbol and/or investor package to Rick Smith, our CEO, at (Rick can also be reached at 212-599-9200.)

We’ll send you a free, no-obligation proposal for a series of stories that will increase your profile in ways you never thought possible.

What Others Say About NewsUSA:

“NewsUSA makes (it) easy..clients want more ink and pared-back papers want more items”.
-Wall Street Journal

“NewsUSA helps get out our message without being filtered by the press which often takes a negative slant to stories”

“What I’ve really been impressed with is the overwhelming response we’ve received as a result of using NewsUSA’s syndicated stories. Your media service brings investor calls and credible media recognition to each company within the Entrex portfolio. We’re not only seeing the stories generate a fantastic click-through rate to the individual company websites, but also to our website. The interest generated is exciting and growing, and the branding of the company name within the biggest search engines, like Google, is a definite plus.”
-ENTREX. The Capital Market System for Private Companies