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SEO Terms


If you’re new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it can be confusing. Here’s some basic definitions to help you out.

Definition of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Terms

Anchor text hyperlinks:  The visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. Rather than showing the actual URL, it’s embedded within a keyword or keyword phrase that’s been identified for SEO. SEO best practices dictate that anchor text be relevant to the page you’re clicking to.

Hyperlink:  A designated word, picture, or URL in a document or webpage that you can click on to navigate to another webpage or different document.

Keyword/Keyword phrase:  A particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a webpage.  (Or, in NewsUSA’s case, a story.)  Both are intended to act as shortcuts to summarize an entire webpage.

Meta description:  A keyword-infused HTML element that describes the webpage to search engines. Similar to a title tag, but with a more thorough description.

Title tag:  A short HTML title element using keyword phrases meant to help pages rank higher in search engine results pages. Often used by Google as the title of a search snippet link in search engine results pages, it’s arguably the most important element of SEO.  NewsUSA uses it in Social Syndication stories, but not Traditional Print “mattes.”

URL:  The letters and symbols that are the address of an Internet website.  (Also called “uniform resource locator” or “universal resource locator.”)