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Public Service Announcement (PSA) Distribution

Have you noticed how tough it’s gotten convincing print newspapers to donate free space for public service announcements? Or run them at all if they know they’ll be pocketing less than their going ad rates?

According to the Public Service Advertising Research Center, two reasons account for print’s “weak sister” status compared to TV and radio:

  • Economics trumps altruism. Print newspapers obviously don’t have to program 24/7 the way most broadcast outlets do, and so when they haven’t sold enough ad space – Excedrin Headache No. 1 for the industry in recent years – they simply cut back on the number of pages they publish. The upshot? “Less space for PSAs,” says the Research Center.
  • Diffused decision-making. Even figuring out who’s in charge of approving PSAs – the paper’s ad director or the production department? – is problematic.

Ergo, we’re giving you a way around both those conundrums.

In a word: digital.

Yes, this is a web-only service.

Courtesy of our various distribution channels, we’ll make sure your ready-to-go print PSAs – we’re talking the likes of the importance of controlling high blood pressure – are picked up by online media outlets in numbers that make you the darling of the goo-goo set.

Define “darling,” you say?

Guaranteed Minimum Number of Placements: 1000 though we average more than that.

To be clear: These work the same as stand-alone infographics, so we’ll also include a short intro and headline to help attract online readers’ attention.

Typical nationwide placements include everything from small-town dailies to the monster hit likes of the Boston Globe, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Miami Herald, the Denver Post, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Arizona Republic, the Lexington Herald-Leader, the Sacramento Bee, the Tacoma News Tribune, and the Buffalo News.

Submission Guidelines:
Size: Must be legible at a minimum of 300 pixels wide by 800 pixels long.
Acceptable Formats: TIFF (preferred), JPG, PNG and FDF.

The NewsUSA Guarantee: If you don’t get at least 1000 placements within four months, we’ll give you a free make-good – no questions asked.

Click here to contact a NewsUSA representative for pricing and other details, or call 1-800-355-9500.