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Taking the NewsUSA Placement Challenge

Placement Challenge

If you’re investing your resources in media campaigns, you may be considering a press release to tout your latest news. But think again — you’re not guaranteed any type of coverage by sending a press release out on the wire. NewsUSA has a much better, guaranteed way to get your news in front of targeted readers.

Placement Challenge

The Problem with Press Releases
First, the good news: Press releases say exactly what you want them to say. They put your company in the best possible light, they use great quotes, and they state your message perfectly. The bad news? Newspapers don’t run press releases. They may craft a story using just one piece of the information in your press release, or they may decide to use your information but spin their story in a completely different direction. It happens all the time. The problem with press releases is that nothing is guaranteed. Journalism just doesn’t work that way.

Why Use Guaranteed Placement?
Instead, using a mat release from NewsUSA will ensure that your story has a minimum of 1,000 placements in print and/or online — and a minimum reach of 40 million. Those numbers are guaranteed, because NewsUSA has developed reliable distribution channels that will deliver your story to every outlet you are targeting, from small-town dailies to large, national papers.

NewsUSA will place your stories in a mat release (also called a matte release) format. This release is superior to press releases because:

  • It’s Guaranteed Placement. Using NewsUSA means that your story will have a minimum of 1,000 placements in print newspapers and online news websites.
  • You’ll Reach Millions. Our guaranteed minimum reach is 40 million — and it’s usually much more.
  • It’s Easy. NewsUSA writers will take your information — your press release, your stats, your message — and turn it into a news story for the publication. NewsUSA has produced thousands of mat releases, and knows just how to create a feature story that looks like a “regular” news story. We’ll do all the work—you only have to give us the information. We’ll include a photo, and for online placement, a URL to drive traffic to your site.
  • Our Partners Increase Our Reach. Our guaranteed placements are a testament to the network of partners that we have established and built over the decades.
  • We’re Accountable for Our Guarantee. Our software will track every placement, note every news clip, and include every screen grab. You can access this information online at any time and it will be delivered to you as a PDF and Excel document.

Many of our clients have been so impressed by our guaranteed media placement that they use NewsUSA every time they want to share product information or company news. One of them told us, “I use NewsUSA’s guaranteed placement for all of my important news. I think press releases have a place in our media strategy, but for the full-on coverage that we’re looking for, a mat release always delivers the results that we want.”

If you want to see what our guaranteed placement services can do for your company, just complete your information on our Contact Us page. We’d like to offer you a free news feature mock-up—written just for you so that you can see what our mat releases look like. It’s your news, guaranteed.