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“Ogilvy PR recently worked with News USA on a critically important assignment for both the client and the agency. Ogilvy’s client was The Lisa Colagrossi Foundation, a promising new organization dedicated to advancing the signs and symptoms of brain aneurysms to prevent ruptures. This mission was equally as important to Ogilvy as they had just lost a dear colleague of 35 years to a traumatic brain aneurysm. News USA’s client service, quality content and results that far exceeded expectations made a significant and meaningful difference for the campaign and the Foundation. News USA, through their news placements, also contributed to saving a number of lives in less than 5 months time. I’d recommend News USA to any of my future clients.”

Kristin Gearty, Senior Vice President
Ogilvy PR

“Working with NewsUSA was an easy process. The writers at NewsUSA are first-rate and obviously have experience in the news industry, which is a very important factor when considering a matte feature company. The results were better than expected, and the reports were easy to understand and thorough.”

Tony Fouladpour
Michelin North America, Inc.

“We are writing this to express our gratitude for the media placements we received from NewsUSA. After our story began running on the numerous news outlets that NewsUSA is partnered with, immediately we experienced an increase in traffic to our website. Many of these visits then converted into downloads of our app. I would highly recommend NewsUSA’s services to any business that wants quick growth and exposure. NewsUSA delivers on their word.”

Zak Ali, Founder and CEO

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of you and your team at NewsUSA. The professionalism, excellent quality of work, and outstanding customer service we received is just a small reason why Entrex continues its business with NewsUSA time and again.

What I’ve really been impressed with is the overwhelming response we’ve received as a result of using NEWS USA’s syndicated stories. Your media service brings investor calls and credible media recognition to each company within the Entrex portfolio. 

We’re not only seeing the stories generate a fantastic click-through rate to the individual company websites, but also to our website. The interest generated is exciting and growing, and the branding of the company name within the biggest search engines, like Google, is a definite plus. 

We love having the fast tangible results to show to our portfolio of companies, and the guarantee of your work is an added bonus to your outstanding efforts.

To put it shortly, NewsUSA ROCKS!”

Stephen H. Watkins, Chief Executive Officer
Entrex, Inc.

“Looking over your reports and clippings, I see that the articles you’ve distributed so far have gotten us more than 40,731 placements. This demonstrates the equivalent advertising value of $14,268,986.  Considering the small cost for this service, it has been a real bargain for us.”

Bette Light
Rembrandt Tooth Whiteners

“..over 4,000 editorial placements in the first 3 months”

Tom Gilbert

“NewsUSA campaign yielded over 10,000 positive news placements in the first three months”

Tariq Faridi
Wellness America

“You have gotten each of my President’s bylined columns to run unedited in the Houston Chronicle, the Columbus Dispatch, the Asbury Park Press, the Buffalo News and over 6,267 other newspapers nationwide documented by the actual newspaper clippings and reach reports.” “extremely cost effective and all inclusive for pennies on this ad dollar equivalent in paid advertising”

John Varrasi

“The numbers clearly show that News USA has enabled us to reach sizable audiences that we’ve not reached before..not only through newspaper placements but also through the internet.”

Gary Krull
National Endowment for the Humanities

“Big success..size of the the centerpiece of a color spread..all I care about is results..excellent results..from NewsUSA.”

Richard Lobb
Fleishman Hillard

“Over $500,000..of new business your stories.”

Ian Ornstein
Innovative Formulations

“You promised excellent results..and you delivered.”

James Quiggle

“Pleasantly surprised when we hit so many top 100 dailies around the country”

James Wyckoff
Olsten Health Services

“We were delighted when our columns were published by the Chicago Sun Times, Washington Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer..and hundreds of smaller papers”

Dennis Jay
National Association of Professional Insurance Agents

“Two areas that are critical in choosing a vendor, and at which I know News USA excels. They are results and response.”

Maria Gordon, VP
Edelman, NY

“It is customer service like this that makes working with you enjoyable and continuing business a pleasure. I will credit your company as the service that delivered in a time of need.”

Kristine Jorndt
Edelman, Chicago

“Through News USA we have been able to extend the reach of our consumer message to hundreds of American newspapers, from major dailies such as the Rocky Mountain News, Tampa Tribune and Grand Rapids Press to numerous smaller papers across the country.”

Maribeth Robb
Water Quality Association

“Usage by major city dailies was especially impressive and an unexpected bonus.”

Joe Rizzo
Better Hearing Institute

“We have been extremely pleased with the media coverage provided by News USA..Placing consumer feature articles with News USA is a crucial element in AAA’s overall public relations strategy.”

AAA. Public Relations

“After 11 years working with News USA, we have only the highest praise for their abilities and ongoing results due to the extensive placement of their articles.”

Quigley Corp, makers of Cold-EEZE

“News USA gives us a simple, easy-to-use method for getting our clients’ messages to tens of millions of newspaper readers and radio listeners.”

Mott & Company

“News USA has helped get the osteopathic profession’s message out to thousands of people across the country and provided great exposure for our association.”

American Osteopathic Association