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Why Video Is a Must for Engagement Marketing

Engagement Marketing

What engages an online audience? We’re finding out that people don’t want to just read text online. They want to see, to hear, to experience, to enjoy. That’s why video—like a product video, an informational video, or even a commercial—is the new king of social media and SEO.

Video Kicks Your Content into High Gear

Capture the essence of your brand, product, or service using a short video.

  • Video Increases Engagement and Participation. Here’s a quick experiment: Give people a choice to watch a video or to read a description of a video. Most people will prefer to watch video. It’s engaging, and it capture’s people’s interest in our “I want everything right now, and make it quick” society. It provides entertainment, education, and persuasion, while creating loyalty for a brand.
  • Google Loves Video. If you search for a song, the first result that shows up may be an embedded video. That’s a natural connection: song—then video. What’s different is that Google started returning videos in search results early last year. Now, as we head into the end of 2015, video results in searches are becoming very common. Video click-through rates are much higher (more than 40% higher!) than just text results. When a video thumbnail is shown in search results, it makes those results that much more interesting—and therefore, clickable.
  • Video Goes Viral. Google’s not the only one who loves video—so does the general public. Have you noticed that you’ll begin to see a particular video pop up on Facebook a few times a day, and within a week, it’s been seen and commented on by millions? That’s because people are drawn to the emotion of a video: cute kittens, tearful proposals, amazing athletes. They want to share it with their friends.

If you have a video that you’d like millions to see, NewsUSA offers embedded video in a traditional print matte. (Since not every site can handle an embedded video, keep in mind that we can also distribute a version with a free photo instead of a video.)

You will receive a guaranteed minimum of 1,000 total placements, optimized for SEO, and at least 300 of them will include your embedded video. You’ll also have up to two website URLs to draw people to your product or service.

Call NewsUSA today to learn more about how embedded videos can create brand loyalty for your product or service.